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Looking Good Everyday!


Braided Weave Fedora

Looking good on date night is an easy task; but when you’re asked to do that every day, you tend to fall into a pattern! And, that’s exactly what happens with your work wardrobe: you have a pattern or a style! So, how do you break out of that pattern and still look fresh and different everyday? Read on to find the answers…

A simple way to add spice to your routine work attire is to switch things a bit and play it up in style. For instance, if you’re known for your tailored work shirts, how about playing it out with a solid white turtleneck sweater? Can’t do that? Just add a nice fedora hat to your ensemble! Of course, you would have to take it off during work hours, but then, you could always arrive in style!

If you can get your suits tailored, you can ask your tailor to make some subtle changes in the very structure of your suit that don’t steer you away from the formal dress code yet significant enough to offer you some cool style! How about a case of slantingly curved hems for your suit jacket or your shirt?

These are just the many ways you can make your everyday looks special and fun! For more ideas and tips, stay tuned; in the mean time, shop at Gap and save a nice 35% on your purchase, including sale styles, with Gap online coupons. Simply enter the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to claim this offer. Hurry, this offer expires today, July 22, 2015. Shop now!