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Lose Weight the Fun Way with Gap’s 35% Off!

High Performance Workout Clothes

High Performance Workout Clothes

With weight watchers prying over every inch of extra cellulite, celebrities in Tinseltown bring it upon them to shed the extra pound and get in shape. Striving hard for what is considered a covetable Hollywood figure, stars resort to rigorous workout and restricted calorie intake to obtain the most desirous slender physique.

Take a look at celebrities who bid farewell to the extra flab and became proud owners of a desirable celebrity form in a jiffy!

  1. Jenifer Hudson topped all charts of celebrity makeover with her dramatic weight loss, having shed an impressive 80 pounds. Resorting to lose weight after her first pregnancy, the Oscar winner took to controlled diet and exercise to shed the extra pound. Now a confident Jennifer Hudson says she is “proud of her weight loss than her Oscar”.
  2. Kloe  Kardashian took to weight loss recently, and lost up to 25 pounds, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, explained her fruitful weight loss regime was due to consistent gyming sessions. The reality star went further to posting her workout tidbits on twitter, and later appearing in a much slender body on her show Keeping up with the Kardashians.
  3. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is yet another celebrity who lost considerable body weight. Losing 25 pounds in six weeks, the talk show host took to a balanced diet and three portions of controlled diet and treadmill workout sessions to shed her weight. With a personalized low fat diet of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and lean meat, Oprah was keen on losing the extra weight she put on due to stress of launching her OWN TV network.

Having read of stars and their weight loss regimes its time you hit the gym like these celebrities and get into perfect shape with Gapfit’s enticing range of workout gear – because working out is only fun and complete when you’re decked up in something nice and comfy!

So, get set to indulge in a wide range of high-performance gym outfits, like this colorblock tank AND, bag a good 35% off your purchase!

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