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NYFW: Straight from the Streets!


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If you’re a fan of fashion weeks or simply enjoy the hustle-bustle of the city with the onset of the style season, you’d certainly know one thing: the real action takes place off the ramps! Here’s a renewed take on the fashion week, but this time, from the streets!

One clear trend that we’ve been observing during the fashion week is the affinity of the stars to breaking fashion rules! Regardless of whether the norm is not to wear white after Labor Day or not to wear navy with blacks, this fashion week ensured that all of those rules were broken. The number of ladies who showed up in all-white outfits was astoundingly high; and thanks to their choice of clothing, there was no dearth for style as well!

The art of wearing sleepwear as regular clothing, that started out as a fashion dare, came to a dizzying height as many fashion bloggers and editors saw the fashion week as an opportunity to take up the challenge. Eva Chen, a regular at the fashion week and the founder of one of the largest security firms, Trend Micro, showed up for the event in an outfit that might have been borrowed from her nightwear collection.

If you aren’t a big fan of the 70’s-inspired denim styles, now might be a good time to re-start your love, ‘cos they’re back! High-waisted denim pants with flared legs, boot cuts and the like were a huge rage during the week; also, the ladies who donned these seemed to be interested in pairing them with 70’s- inspired top-wear as well! Billowing shirts with bohemian prints, crazy art prints and chic layering were their choice of top wear while a pair of honest boots remained their privy when it came to shoes!

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