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How to Build your Wardrobe


Vintage Wash Print V-neck Tee

When it comes to having a sound knowledge of the latest trends, style secrets and fashion quips, everyone is an expert; but little do people know that the secret to a great looking outfit is a good and fully stocked wardrobe with all the necessary pieces you need to create styles you want to create. This is an art! It doesn’t come by easily; but don’t you worry, it’s not that hard to have either!

In order for you have a fully stocked wardrobe with all the pieces you need to create your dream styles, you need to divide your life into sections. Imagine these sections as the many single, isolated or every day activities of your life;for an average woman with a pretty active social life, you can have four sections (this number is flexible).

Put all office-wear pieces in section one; this would comprise about 70% of your life and hence, it would advisable to allot this section a nice budget. Now depending on your work scenario, whether it’s strictly formal, somewhat formal, semi-formal or otherwise, the pieces in your section can vary accordingly.

Moving to section two, you’d have formal dresses and suits here – not just the ones you’d have to wear to work but the ones you need for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

While section three is all about date-night and dinner outfits, there is no rule that you must strictly follow these section rules. For instance, if you’re a working mom with kids, your date-night section and your formal section can be merged as one for simplicity and easy maintenance.

Section four, the most interesting of them all is casual and loungewear. The clothes you wear when you have no strict commitments or appointments fall in this category.

Now that you have your entire wardrobe divided into various sections, you can easily identify the lags or the gaps that need to be filled in and then you can shop accordingly! Once you’ve made a list and are ready to shop, check out the collection at Gap and avail a nice 40% discount on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just use the Gap coupon code VROOM and redeem this offer at checkout. Hurry, this offer expires by May 15, 2016.

May 14th, 2016

Your guide to Summer Fabrics


Fitted Boyfriend Stretch Poplin Shirt

Looking to update your work wardrobe for the season? Read this write-up before you go shopping, coz we bring you a simple guide to summer fabrics that are not cotton…

Poplin: It is sometimes called as broadcloth and is commonly used in the kitchen for covering up pizza dough, cake dough and baked goods. The cloth has a smooth and silky feel that makes it perfect for the season!

Tip: Choose poplin fabrics with a higher thread count!

Oxford: The traditional oxford shirts are a good example of the Oxford weave fabric. Typically, a basket weave with multiple threads crossing over, the oxford has a unique checkerboard appearance. Despites its heavy-handed thread work, the oxford is quite soft and one of the perfect fabrics for the season.

Dobby: Fabrics with dobby weave generally have unique geometric patterns like polka dots, herringbone or simple checks. Dobby weave gives your clothing an interesting pattern that looks distinctive when styled as a solid piece.

Tip: Stick to soft and soothing colors when buying clothes or shirts with dobby weave – soft palettes are the ones that best bring out the dobby patterns!

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May 13th, 2016

How to Organize your Closet for Spring


Linen Cap-cleeve Wavy Stripe Tee

A new season brings its own set of challenges; one of them is having to deal with the change. Fashion-wise, out with the old styles and in with the new; but that comes at a price – closet space! Here are five tips to help you organize your spring closet…

  1. Lose the clutter! Torn sweaters, ripped jackets and pants that are in need of a quick fix have to be taken care of; if you find them ruined, then they’re just clutter taking up valuable real estate – time to clean out the clutter and make way for new stuff!
  2. Embrace an open-door policy for accessories like chains, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Invest in a good jewelry tree or get a hanging shoe rack and stock your jewelry where you can see it every day – your jewelry will get more usage this way!
  3. Invest in classic spring and summer styles, and keep them in the most-visible part of your closet. This is the only way to get more usage out of them before the end of the season.
  4. Since your spring shoes are most likely to be open-toe shoes, sandals and flip flops, it would be best to store them near the entryway, just for this season!
  5. It’s spring and soon it’s going to be summer, which means you won’t be using your casual jackets as often as you did in winter. So, what better way to use that coat rack than to store summer scarves?

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May 11th, 2016

How to Wear a Solid Eyelet Blouse to Work


Three-quarter Sleeve Eyelet Top

Let’s face it! Eyelet tops and blouses are inspired greatly from street-style trends; but since the temperature is really going up these days, you could try and come up with some clever ways to wear the eyelet blouse at work too, without raising any alarms. Here are some interesting styles to get you started…

Treat your eyelet top or blouse like a printed piece and wear it with solid pencil skirts and tailored pants in basic colors like black, navy or gray. As a rule, never pair eyelet tops or blouses with printed pencil skirts; you can make a few exceptions and that depends a lot on the type of blouse you’ve picked!

Tuck in your eyelet blouse just like any other shirt or formal top; leaving it loose might give off a casual feel but once you tuck it in, you rule out all possibilities of a casual detour!

Choose eyelet blouses or tops with three-quarter sleeves or short sleeves – they are easier to style as compared to full-sleeve, flutter-sleeve or other sleeve types that are typical with eyelet blouses; also, a 3/4th or short sleeve eyelet blouse looks a lot more professional than a sleeveless eyelet blouse.

These are just a few ways to wear an eyelet top or blouse to work; if you want to explore and discover some more interesting styles of your own, then you’ve got to get one yourself. Shop at Gap today to explore your style code, and bag an amazing 35% discount on your purchase; all you have to do is, use the Gap coupon code STYLE at checkout. Hurry, this offer clocks out by the end of the day, May 10, 2016.

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May 10th, 2016

A Lesson in Halter Necklines


Halter Romper

With the year proceeding into summer, new and inventive novel for the season are already out. One of the many popular trends for this season happen to be relaxed necklines like the halter neckline, collar-less shirts, Henley tee-shirt necklines and such. In this write-up, we’re going to discuss how you can wear the halter neckline – one of the simplest yet trickiest neck patterns ever…

Halter necklines follow a breezy summer-y neckline pattern that makes them the perfect choice for the season; they offer a sexy, barely-there feel, minus any fashion risks or mishaps as in plunging necklines, cut-outs or open-backs! So, if halter neckline is all glory and gold, where’s the catch? Well, the thing is with a halter neckline is that your shoulders tend to look big, not a lot but just a little bit big! So, if you want to wear a halter neck dress for summer, you need to know a few hacks!

Wear halter-neck dresses and tops with big, flashy earrings or bib necklaces – oversized or large jewelry help distract and take the attention away from your shoulders!

Choose halter-neck tops and dresses with cut-outs at the sides or mid-riff – these cut-outs will draw the attention away from your shoulders!

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May 9th, 2016

How to Make a ‘Good’ Outfit ‘Great’


Sleeveless Shirred Shirt

You know what’s the difference between a good outfit and a great one? Showmanship! A great outfit is not just about beautiful pieces carefully put together, or following what some fashion magazine or editor says is right! A great outfit has that special touch! Say you’re putting together a regular all-black outfit composed of a black flared midi skirt and a sleeveless black blouse; don’t just reach for a pair of pumps or cognac boots yet! They’re stylish, classy and really good, yes, but a pair of flat leather sandals and a denim jacket could give this look an authenticity, a flair and personality that reverberates with distinction every time you wear it! Now, that’s what makes a simple outfit look great!

Likewise, a great handbag teamed with a simple-looking work outfit, a printed scarf with a solid maxi and a solid scarf with a printed sun dress – all wonders in uplifting the spirit and the feel of your looks.

When you’re wearing a lot of colors, wear simple shoes – nude shoes or black pumps! Let the colors on your outfit be prominent and visible, and let them make a statement! Another cardinal rule when you wear colors is never to wear similar-colored accessories, otherwise, they’d all look like one giant piece of puzzle just waiting to be put together. Instead, wear colored accessories with solid outfits, dresses and tops and vice versa.

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May 8th, 2016

The Ultimate Summer Shopping Guide


Embroidered-trim Woven Top

Hey there! What are your plans for the weekend? Shopping? Day out with friends?Or, a movie?If you’ve got too many things on your plate and too little time, how about striking shipping off your list of weekend activities? No, no, don’t leave out shopping altogether, just shop online! We’re here to give you the best tips and style advice on what’s hot and what’s not this summer; you can simply use this insider info and buy everything you need from the comfort of your home. The catch is that you get to save time for other activities; and, save a bunch on your purchase using Gap online coupons. Keep reading to learn more…

Distressed jeans: Distressed, tattered, ripped – name it whatever you want to call it, but one thing’s for sure, jeans that have a little bit of story to them, a bit of character, is a must-have for the season. Pick jeans, denim shorts, denim cut-offs and team them with a classic striped tee for an effortless and cool summer style.

Joggers: While the fashion clan is split between jeans and joggers, we get to enjoy the benefit of both. Jogger pants and jeans, although entirely different from one another in silhouette, style and fabric, couldn’t have something more common between them than the choice of tops. Wear whatever you like and you’d still look fashionable with jogger pants!

Talking of tops, those with a little bit of swing and sway to them are most popular this season. Peasant tops, embroidered tops, pleated tops, ruffle-sleeve blouses, shirred shirts and the like are huge in demand this season.

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May 7th, 2016

Stars Who Said ‘no’ to Gowns for Met 2016


Modern Boot Pants

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, an annual fund-raising event was held in NYC recently; considered one of the most prestigious events in the calendar, the Met Gala, as it’s popularly known, is always taken on a serious note thanks to its strictly enforced dress codes, party themes and honored guest list! As for this year, the theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology – while the theme clearly indicated that whatever you wear ought to be futuristic in design and pattern, some stars took the liberty to use the very theme to say ‘no’ to ball gowns which become some sort of an unofficial uniform for the Met Gala!

Harry Potter star Emma Watson wore a corset-inspired off-shoulder cream-colored top and a skirt-fused-into-pants bottom-half in black from Calvin Klein that was sophisticated and Met-Gala-appropriate, while Alexa Chung wore a black pant-suit from Thakoon featuring silver sequins running in thin strips along the length of her outfit that was more suited for a party scene rather than the Met. But wait until you make the call, coz the trio of Jenna Lyons, Jennifer Konner and Lena Dunham wore identical black pant-suit with white shirts from J Crew, and Sarah Jessica Parker wore 3/4th white capri pants, a cream-colored cami blouse and a matching military-style moto jacket from Monse with royal blue embellished blouse.

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May 4th, 2016

How to Save Money on Clothing


Bi-stretch Skinny Ankle Pants

There is literally tons of advice out there about how to style our clothes, the different kind of styles and dress codes, and what’s hot and what’s not in current fashion; but when it comes to money-saving tips regarding clothing, there is little information available. So, here’s a post about how you can save money on your clothing…

Invest in classic pieces and limit splurging on the latest fashion. There are some trends like summer prints, winter whites and the like that will always be in fashion year after year, but there are other tends like culottes, skin-tight latex suits that are momentarily considered stylish and tossed out the next season. We’re not saying never invest in these new styles, but limit your purchases to a certain limit.

Another money-saving tip when you’re buying basics is to shop at the end of the season; for instance, you can get some really amazing discounts on sweaters, cardigans and woolen scarves at the end of winter than at the beginning – you can later use these pieces during the next winter!

Learn some basic sewing hacks; learning to fix the hemline of your skirt, pants or jeans, sewing in shirt and pant buttons etc., can save you big bucks in the long run as compared to running to your local tailor for simple alterations. If you can, learn basic tailoring in your spare time, and consider buying a used sewing machine from a yard sale or eBay – this can really come in handy for thrifty DIY projects and small adjustments.

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May 4th, 2016

How to Wear Shorts like the Stars


Stripe Sailor Shorts

Ever wondered how is it that celebrities always seem to get their shorts style right how they want it to be, yet somehow when you try it out at home or plan to mimic a favored style, it never looks the same? Here are some simple tips to help you pick the right shorts that will take you level from ‘ok’ to ‘celebrity-level’…

Choose shorts that have at least a few inches of inseam; if you’re kindergartener, then wearing shorts with just a couple of inches of inseam might be a great idea, but as an adult, only wear shorts that have reasonable inseam length, like about 4 to 5 inches minimum. That being said, don’t resign yourself to wearing just bermuda-like shorts that go all the way down to your knees – these are only meant for the beach!

Choose shorts that are roomy and offer a comfortable fit! Shorts with pleats, drapey-front, and ones that have a loose-fitting silhouette are the best options for you! Curve-hugging shorts are not classy and display a lack of basic fashion sense, so stay away from those at all costs!

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of shorts is denim shorts, but minimize your temptation and try out other fabrics and textures this season! They are not only fashion-forward, but also give you plenty of styling options!

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May 3rd, 2016