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Rules are Meant to be Broken!


Multi-colored Ankle-strap Ballet Flats

Some of us like to follow some rules, some of the time; but predominantly most of us hate rules that confine us inside a frame. Here are a few fashion rules that you must break, now!

Match your shoes to your belt – this rule may apply to men, but if you intend to follow it without a hitch, you’re going to miss a great many ensemble options. Not to mention, the number of outfits that may get ruined!

Love navy and black! Conventional fashion rule hints, quite strongly, that you should never wear these two colors together! But wait until you learn to expertly pair up these two solid, basic colors – you’d never turn your back on them!

Wear practical fashion – this rule may have been drilled into you as a child, but it’s quite old and certainly needs some revamping! Find yourself falling in love with those bright yellow long coats? Well, go ahead and buy them; don’t worry about practicality! Having one whimsical piece in your closet will give you a lot of dressing options and instantly increase your potential outfit combinations!

Mixing metals – that’s something we’ve all had to deal with at some point, but really mixing unconventional metallic jewelry creates a nice finish to your outlook!

With a lot of old rules to break, it’s time to make new ones! And, while you’re up to it, don’t forget to shop for the most exciting pieces at Gap now; ‘cos you can save a whopping 45% on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just enter the Gap coupon code CHEER at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until November 22, 2015.