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Say Boo to the Pink Taboo!

Full sleeve Shirt

Full sleeve Shirt

Fashion has this endearing quality of throwing myths out of the window with no thought for tradition or acceptance. It’s about being individualistic in one’s choices, avoiding the pitfalls of stereotypes and then blazing a trail for others to follow. If you seek to be one such person, go ahead and make a statement in pink!

The notion of pink being an effeminate option deserves to be pulled back into the 20th century and with it, the clichés associated with it like being too girly and non-masculine.

A dynamic color that aces the fashion stakes works its calming aura on men most of the time. It is a feel-good color.  The pink choice is a certificate to your strength of character and is the sign of a man confident of his own sexuality. It’s a bold statement for a subtle, light color and brings about an image of a distinguished and well-mannered charmer.

This versatile shade makes for an ideal combo with pretty much every other sartorial choice from your wardrobe.  A light pink full-sleeve tailored fit blends well with denims and lets you pull of a style which is uber-unique in terms of the gentlemanly allure it generates and signifies that our man is indeed the real deal.

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