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Scarves – A Gentleman’s Accessory!


Exploded Plaid Scarf

Men often wonder how they can pull more combinations out of their wardrobe. The one way to do that without having to get a new shirt or a jacket is by concentrating on accessories. Scarves, for instance, does a great job in this scenario, they are one of the most powerful accessories in a man’s wardrobe and their versatility is simply unparalleled.

You can often spot high profile celebrities like David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Enrique Iglesias confidently sporting scarves. You can almost never see Johnny Depp without wearing a scarf no matter what his outfit may be; he loves scarves so much that there was once a rumor that he wore 9 scarves at a time.

Scarves can greatly help in improving the look of an attire; you can create endless combinations when you have a scarf in your hand. You can change the look of a single outfit by changing the way you wear the scarf. The easiest way to wear one is by draping it over your shoulders, this looks good when you are trying it out with a suit. Alternatively, you can go for the “City Slicker Knot”, tying this one is absolutely easy, fold your scarf in half and wrap it around your shoulders, now pull the loose ends through the loop. The City Slicker knot will help in adding an urban look to your outfit as well. This is not all; we have saved the best for the last. This one is called as “Sophisticate”, this knot is easier than the City Slicker, drape your scarf over your shoulder with one end longer than the other, now wrap the long end around your neck. The Sophisticate knot looks great when paired with a winter coat.

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