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Sequins + Stripes = Perfection!


Modern Stripe Boat-neck Tee

Stripes, especially horizontal stripes, form the backbone of any fashion conscious individual’s wardrobe! Stripes are a staple, and most of use own stripes in a number of forms: as striped tee shirts, dresses, pants, skirt or even jackets! Likewise, sequins are also an important part of our wardrobe, albeit not the daily-wear wardrobe, but it’s there alright! So we thought this festive season might be a great time to bring out a few combinations for stripes and sequins that you can wear at work and then for the party afterwards. Take a look…

Whenever you work with stripes and sequins, the equation is simple: if your bottoms are striped, then the top is sequined and vice versa. Bright stripes in red and white or somber ones in basic black and white team up well with a beige sequined top. Likewise, basic nautical stripes with black/navy with white pair well with gold, silver or metallic sequined skirts for a stunning work-to-party look. For both these looks, wear a cropped black blazer when at work and toss the jacket into your tote while heading over to a party.

A striped jacket might seem a like a Godsend when teamed with a white tee and distressed jeans, but pair it with a sequined top in pastel shades and go with navy or black pants (classic colors) for a mystically styled look. You can also wear your striped jacket with a sequined mini for work and switch the jacket with a lot of pearl necklaces when you’re headed to a party!

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