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Shop for Jennifer Lawrence’s Similar Gap Bra at a Discount!


Jennifer Lawrence’s Collection

Those who have watched Silver Linings Playbook will remember Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s enticing dance rehearsal scenes.  Their choreographer, Mandy Moore said that the two had an amazing chemistry. In an interview with People magazine she revealed, “They were really, really good. From the first hour of their first day, their chemistry was easy to deal with. They were very kind to one another, but laughed a lot. I never felt any sort of frustration between either of them. Together they were a great team.”

She also mentioned about how she thinks they did a great job! She said, “Not always can you set aside your ego and know that you don’t know what you’re doing in order to learn something, and they both really did that. The dance wasn’t supposed to be a polished piece. It’s supposed to look a little funky and crazy the way that they are. I think finding those particular moves that were going to represent that was a challenge, but it was worthwhile.”

Remember the outfits Jennifer L wore for the rehearsals? Well, the award winning star proved that she is a mega-star every bit by getting even the sweaty clothes from her dance rehearsal to sell at booming prices!

Nate D. Sanders Auctions of Los Angeles took up the task of auctioning some of the outfits from the award winning movie. And guess what?  The teal Gap sports bra she wore during the rehearsal sold for $3175 after being bid on by fourteen people, along with a Threads 4 Thought t-shirt!

Among the other things sold off were the black coat she wore which went at $4,652, a black tank top which went for $624 and her main dance scene pants which went for $3,493.

The auctioneer, Nate Sanders said “We estimated that each of her wardrobe pieces would bring between $500 to 1,500, but what happened is that dozens of bidders from all over the world furiously bid against each other. The whole world seems to be captivated by Jennifer Lawrence.”

Though the bidding ended on February 28, 2013, don’t worry! You can still get the similar bra from Gap!  Make sure to get some comfy tops and pants too especially if you’re a lover of dancing – for those fun packed rehearsals! While you get these, also shop for sales styles as there is a whopping 20% discount on the same! Once you’re through shopping, enter the Gap online coupon code EXTRA20 at checkout to redeem the discount. Have a great time shopping with Gap online coupons!