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Workout Styles

Nothing’s worse than hearing – have you put on some weight? Especially if you hear them from the very mouth of your beau! But, the rising temperature outside is really a big discouragement when it comes to exercising, be it indoor or outdoor. And most of us are so lazy to walk that extra mile to the gym. So, we have put together some fun calorie-busting ideas for a head start to getting you back in shape, without any extra effort!

• Do you love cycling? Of course, everyone does! But, it’s natural that you have chucked it ever since you’ve got your new wheels, ‘coz everyone does that too! This is the time to bring back some old fun. Ride it at the mornings, just to enjoy the fresh breeze and you’ll never know that you are actually burning hundreds of calories.

• Summer urges a dip in the waters! Save yourself the trouble of heading to the beach, especially if you’ve got little time to spare! Head to your nearest swimming pool or club for a cool immerse and an extra length. Nothing compares to be a better exercise than swimming you see!

• You can just walk it off – even if it’s just to grab a cup of coffee down the street or leaving your kid to school.

• If you love dancing, then this is when you can try those moves! Put on your favorite music and just shake it off! You will be surprised to see how refreshing it could be.

• Have you ever thought cleaning would help you shed those extra pounds! Yes, reaching window corners, arranging high shelves or dusting through the paintings will end up as a great workout. So, make sure you add up on the cleaning time every weekend.

These are just the few things which will keep you fit and in shape without sweating out on the treadmill. But if you wanna get a toned bikini bod try running, cycling, swimming and Pilates. But, before all that, grab a few workout wears from Gap. This e-store has a whole new collection from yoga pants to performance capris.
Not only that, if you shop today, August 4, 2013, you can save an additional 40% on all sale styles.
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Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!