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Simple Hacks to Make Your Outfits Ramp-ready – Part II!


Crinkle Weave Top

Continuing from our previous write-up about simple hacks that can make your outfits ramp-ready, here are a few more tips! Read on and use them to get super-easy and model-ready looks with minimal effort!

With a pair of great shoes and tailored bottoms, you could wear any top – even the one you sleep in – and still look like a million bucks! The simple trick to draw attention away from a piece you don’t want people to notice and towards a piece that you actually do want them to see!

Likewise, when you want to wear red-carpet worthy tailored gowns and immaculate-looking jumpsuits while out on the streets, just forgo the regular pumps and style up with basic flats. Flats serve to tone down the glamour of your outfit and make them ramp-ready but fabulous for the streets!

While you’re wearing a printed outfit, say a dress or a jumpsuit, and you’re not sure how to style it, just go with a leather jacket! Needless to say, leather adds a bit of structure and interest to your look but also makes it edgy and rebellious – which is just the combination you get to see on the ramps!

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