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Simple Tips to Look Slimmer!


Colorblock Fit-and-flare Dress

We’ve all had those days. Let’s just call them ‘fat days’. Days when you feel that you look a bit plumper than you are; it can be due to the little extra that you’ve had to eat over the weekend or may be it’s just in your head. But doesn’t matter what you feel, here are a few simple solutions to help you look slimmer, toned and sexier. Take a look…

Go for vertical stripes! Even if you’re a die hard fan of horizontal stripes, just for the sake of looking slim, you need to have a few vertical striped pieces in your wardrobes. Think pin stripe suits and striped shirts; even vertically striped pencil skirts can solve your issue when you’re in a dilemma over what to wear for the day.

Use a belt! Whether you’ve bought an item that’s a bit too fluffy around the waist or you were lucky enough to loose some weight; whatever be your reason, you can look even slimmer with a simple belt at your waist. Go with either metallic ones or a few broad leather belts, but belting it out does make you look slimmer!

Pick two-toned outfits! Whether you like colorblock numbers or not, you might just have to agree with us that two-toned garments make you look slimmer instantly. Pick a pair of dark colored pants and team it with a light cream top or pick a dark red or burgundy skirt and team it with a baby pink top. The coloring effect works illusions on your figure and makes you look slender immediately!

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