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Skinny Jeans for men? Yay or nay?


1969 Straight Nep Denim

Well, skinny jeans for women mean one thing and one thing only – flaunt their curves! But what do you think about men in skinny jeans? And, by that we don’t really mean the skinny-cut jeans – they are somewhat practical, but we’re talking about actual  skinny jeans that start normally at your waist and taper down as they go lower and when they get to your calves they are super-skinny and tend to cling to your skin! So, if you’d ask us our opinion on skinny jeans for men, here it is…

  1. Skinny jeans look great on boys, but on men, they highlight all the wrong features and make you seem like you’re trying too hard to look good!
  2. Skinny jeans have lowered crotch joints that can elongate your frame and you appear short!
  3. If you have a long torso, then skinny jeans will add to that height and make your legs seem shorter!
  4. If you’re packing a little paunch (no one’s judging), skinny jeans only accentuate your tummy and create what is called as a ‘muffin top’!
  5. Skinny jeans are made from super clingy fabric that sticks to your skin – and, it’s definitely not an attractive sight!
  6. No matter how exceptionally well you style them, skinny jeans make your legs seem pencil-like – not the look you wanna go for!
  7. And, let’s not even discuss the funny, if not crazy, dance ritual that one has to undergo to slip into skinny jeans!
  8. And finally, there are a lot of better options available that can build up your look and make you look stylish!

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