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SOS Hair Fixes for a Rainy Day!


Colorblock Fedora

Bad hair days! It can happen to anyone and more often than not, it happens to people who meticulously take care of their hair. Sometimes, you just have to give your hair a break, for it tends to have a mind of its own and follow its own instructions with no regard, whatsoever, for the time, place, a promising date or a red carpet event. Here are a set of solutions for those times when you’re just desperate for some help…

  1. Try out the dry shampoo technique! Just dab some into your root tips, edges and those messy oil spots in your hair and these cuties can soak up the oil like no other and leave your hair feeling dry and smooth.
  2. When in a rush, just gather all your hair in a bun at the top of your head and insert a pencil to keep it in place. Remember, this hairstyle can only work if you get the whole I-am-a-college-girl-and-I-have-no-time-to-fix-my-hair look right! So, slip into pair of skinnies and a worked up tank top, throw on a jacket and accessorize with some funky jewelry to get this look right!
  3. Desperate times call for desperate measures; so, when you’re in a fix, just cover up with a headband. Or, pick a nice short scarf and tie a bandana around your head and cover-up every bit of your hair.
  4. No time for pampering? Invest in a good spray-on conditioner and get your quick-fix on the go with a simple spray.
  5. At other time, when nothing else seem to be working for you, just leave your hair loose. Remember, Blake Lively from Gossip Girl; yeah, the pretty lady never bothered to straighten up her hair-do more than once in the entire series. You can try just that, but don’t forget the spray-on conditioner routine before you do that.
  6. Another ever-popular way to cover up messy hair is to tuck it under a fedora and style it like you don’t care at all.

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