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Style Obsession: Butterfly Sleeves!


Flutter-sleeve tee

Isn’t summer all about the warm breezy weather, wispy silhouettes, romantic ruffles and fluttering sleeves? Who can deny one’s love for the utterly feminine butterfly sleeves? With their sophisticated elegance and rich history, these sleeves are a trend to be reckoned with?

Allow us to take you down memory lane and give you a brief tour about ruffle sleeves! Before WW II women’s fashion was all about elaborate gowns and gorgeous royal-esque ball dresses! But with the onset of war in the 1930’s, the entire world was plunged into a Great Depression. One of the many areas that were affected by this was fashion! Women’s fashion, especially took a detour from their earlier versions and moved towards simple feminine silhouettes! They managed to steer away from boyish silhouettes but drew inspiration from other basic outfits! Fashion leaned towards a bit of comfort and chose to forgo the elaboration! And, one of the main forms that fashion remodeled itself was flutter sleeves, or as they used to be called back then, butterfly sleeves. It might just seem like regular sleeves for the women of today, but in those days, women were to a grand style of dressing and opting for butterfly sleeves was certainly a bold move worth mentioning!

Why do we have to learn about flutter sleeves or butterfly sleeves now? ‘Cos this classic trend is back in fashion and for good. It’s simple, it’s gorgeous and offers the perfect blend of feminine and flirty – a perfect combination for the women of today!

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