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Style Play: Plaid!



Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirt is the absolute go-to solution when you’re in a time crunch and need a quick-fix fashion solution that’s stylish but also takes very little time to mix and match. But plaid shirts aren’t just for slackers; plaid has the ability to reincarnate itself back from the dead every season and with new agile too! So, there’s got to be something about plaid, right? Yes, there is and it’s the incredible ability of plaid to merge itself with every possible outfit to create new styles. There are more than just a few ways you can style up a plaid shirt; below are given a couple of tips and ideas, but remember, you can create endless possibilities with plaids. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some insanely great plaid shirts!

Remember how plaid makes the perfect combo with denim pants! Well, you can recreate that magic with denim skirts too! Plaids look good with any color of denim but a slightly light wash and almost white denim skirt will make a killer combination. Just choose a plaid shirt in bright colors like red, blue or mixed colors and team it with a white or light-blue denim skirt. You can also style your plaid shirt as a jacket, if you’re opting for a tee shirt!

Got a floral-printed cami dress from last season that you find impossible to give away? Just style it with a plaid shirt! Now be careful to pick your plaid in a contrast color as compared to your dress and wear it either as a jacket or tie it around your waist; or, you can also do that cute shirt-with-a-knot-at-front style. For shoes, it would be nice to go with a pair of booties, since you’ve already tweaked the grunge look of your lady-like cami with a plaid shirt, but you can also go for a pair of leather strappy sandals or flats.

Remember, these are just a few styles for your plaid shirt, with a little bit of effort, you can style them in a gazillion ways. To rule the streets with your plaid play, pick a nice plaid shirt from Gap! Shop today May 14, 2015 and you can avail an exclusive 40% off your purchase; shop tomorrow, May 15, 2015 and you can get a good 30% off your purchase. Simply key in the Gap coupon code WKEND at checkout to claim this deal. Shop more and save more with Gap online coupons!