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Best of Chanel Haute Couture Show from Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld returned to the ‘City of Lights’ this year to showcase a nature-inspired haute couture collection for Chanel featuring exotic wedding gowns, short cropped cocktail gowns, swoon-worthy and seductive red-carpet gowns, and a silhouetted look for men. Here are five exciting moments from the show… The very concept of the show was all-green; to [...]

Summer’s Go-to Color: Mint!

The quintessentially Summer color, mint, seems to have mellowed down this season. The color seemed so light and balanced whenever it was seen on the runway that it made designers like Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurang bring the best out of their designs. This ultra-feminine color definitely makes it to the must-have colors of Summer [...]

Flower Power

When pretty flowers bloomed and blossomed on red carpets, we decided it’s time to take a look at the all-time favorite trend! Whether you choose small prints for a simple, elegant look or statement-making, large prints for a bold look, floral prints are one style that suits every woman! Wondering how you can do pull [...]

Graceful in Ballerinas

Oh! How graceful are the ballerinas! Their beautiful svelte bodies swinging and dancing to the tunes, the lifts, the poise en pontes, their pretty tutu skirts and of course, their special ballerina shoes. What started off as a stage-piece strictly designed for the convenience of ballet dancers, ballet shoes are known for their lighter-than-air feel [...]

Tie Like a Gentleman!

Ok, now that you have got the perfect tie to go with your shirt and suit, what kind of knot are you planning to do? You can’t just wear the same knot for all types of occasions. There are special knots for different occasions and events. Here give you a few types that might be [...]

Moves like Jogger!

Who would have thought joggers would become a part of high street fashion? After getting a face lift from designers like Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren, joggers are finally back into mainstream fashion. With celebrities and off-duty models taking up the cause and flaunting joggers, now would be the right time for you to sport [...]

The Halloween Tradition: How It Came To Be!

While Halloween means, superstition, trick or treating, pranksterism, costume show-off and forming huge gatherings, there is a little more to the festival of how it came to be. Here’s a little enlightenment from our part. Also called as the All Hallows’ eve, Halloween began as a part of the ancient Celtic culture dating approximately 2,000 [...]

3 Ways to Wear Leggings to Work!

Before we go on a quest to find out all the street-friendly and office-friendly means to wear a pair of leggings, let’s first understand this one basic fact; Leggings are not pants! Read that in caps! Leggings, really, are not pants! So, if you’re planning on wearing them to work with nothing but just a [...]

Mimic Taylor Swift’s Casual Style

Singer Taylor Swift is known for her girly and sophisticated approach toward fashion – mini dresses, skirts with tops and couture gowns seem to be her favourites. So, it’s fun to see her take a detour from the usual style once in a while. Check out two of her most recent looks. This 24-year old [...]

Olivia’s Love for the Stripes!

Summer’s almost drawing to an end and fall is already here with new trends for the coming season. But, there’s this one trend that’s been a total blockbuster all through summer and has all the potential to become fall’s new favorite. Wondering what it is? Stripes! The classy and coveted trend of the summer is [...]