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What are Workhorses?

If you’ve read a write-up or talked to any fashionista about wardrobe classics and must-have pieces for every season, you’d come across the term ‘workhorses’. It’s quite a popular term, with a definition as widely spread as the term fashion itself; workhorses are, by fault, clothes or pieces that get maximum mileage. These are the [...]

Five Ways to Style your White Shirt

Got a crisp white shirt? Then you got to learn these 5 styling tricks! But be warned, once you’re done reading through them, you’re going to want a few more white shirts and they’re going to be pretty much what you’ll be wearing for the rest of spring! -      Wear it with a set of [...]

Cara Delevingne Does a Chic Tomboy at the BRIT Awards 2015!

Cara Delevingne charmed us with her glamorous red carpet entry at Elle UK Style Awards on February 25, 2015, in London, where the model walked away with the Breakthrough Actress award. The pretty lass known for her impeccable sense of fashion, looked sophisticated in an appealing Vivienne Westwood Red Label floor-length black gown. She sported [...]

Must-have wardrobe Basics – Part I

Seasons come and go and fashion changes, but there are a few things in your closet that always remain constant. We’re talking about the set of wardrobe basics that every person must-have. You probably have a few in your closet. But, now is the right time to hit that reset button and stock some fabulous [...]