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Say it with Conversational Prints!

Looking for a way to express your feelings without actually saying it? Here comes the legendary conversational prints that let you express tongue-in-cheek humor and allows you say them out loud, without actually having to do so! The trend started last spring with designers bringing on the runway clutches and bags that made with statements [...]

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Are you ready for the summer? Are you really ready – fashion wise? Do you love every piece of clothing you own? Are they comfortable enough to survive this summer? Read on to find out what you need to look for while buying new clothes and a couple of the acid tests for the existing [...]

6 Reasons Why You Must Get The 1969 Button-Front Denim Dress From Gap!

Denim + Dress = a classic killer combo. A simple and cute denim button front dress blends the classic appeal of the denim with the comfort and style of a dress. Plus, it’s cool and it’s probably what you need to greet the hot summer with. So, if you ready to experiment with style and [...]

Kylie Jenner Rocks Retro Chic to the T!

Reviving the Eighties trend with a touch of modish attitude, the very pretty Reality Star Kylie Jenner got into fashion’s good books yet again. Bracing the retro style with utmost perfection, the 16-year-old Star, looked all grown up and ready to rule, as she was spotted enjoying a day out with friends. Looking uber-stylish in [...]

Quintessential Workwear You Can’t Miss – At a 35% Steal!

The famous proverb goes, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, is that the case for you now? Instead of letting  your tedious job pull you down, it’s time you turn the tables around and give your work a refreshing new start this season with Gap’s voguish  range of workwear. Let your [...]

Steal: Miranda Kerr’s Street Style with Gaps 40% Discount!

Time and again, the gorgeous Australian model, Miranda Kerr has proved her worth in fashion with her remarkable sartorial choices, and once again, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel caught all the attention in her off-shoulder deep blue maxi dress, which she donned while taking a stroll across the streets in New York City. Styling her [...]

Ben Affleck’s Doing Great in a Father Role!

While a general opinion that fathers are not as good when it comes to taking care of their children prevail, seems Ben Affleck has set out to rule out idea by showing some great parenting skills. The Argo actor, was spotted taking his seven-year-old daughter, Violet for a happy doughnut treat while on the way [...]

Upton’s Take on Little Black Dress! Get Awesome Styles at a 25% Discount!

Seems the fashion’s latest statement, “less is more” is becoming increasingly popular after Kate Upton literally proved it with her dressing! Kate Upton, the international supermodel who gained fame through Sports Illustrated, showed up at the 10th Annual Style Awards on Wednesday, September 04, 2013 looking all tall and elegant in a stunning Altuzarra black [...]

Stripes and Checks at the Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014 Show!

There are some ladies who were born for the fashion week. These ladies are the masterminds, the brains behind new trends, the women who live and breathe fashion and it seems like there will always be a seat reserved for them in the front rows no matter how many how many years go by. Anna [...]

Few Quick Tips for Looking Fab – Shop More and Save More at Gap Today!

Not everyone can look like Katy Perry or Scarlett Johansson, because, needless to say, a team of stylists walking around with you all day long is not an easy thing to get! All the same, there are a few tips one could try to get a few heads turned in our direction! The first and [...]