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Kendall Jenner Pulls Off a Kate Moss in LA

The 20-year old model who sparked off romance rumors with One Direction front man Harry Styles during their exotic Caribbean vacation earlier this year, was spotted with the 21-year old singer last Saturday, January 23, 2016, in LA. Clad in a pair of black skinny cropped pants, a black bandeau crop top, the model channeled [...]

How to Wear Clogs Fashionably

A quick Google search about clogs would yield you results ranging from why clogs are fashionable to clogs being man-repellants! While you may have a good laugh reading through the write-ups, clogs are here and now; which means, it’s about time you learned some simple tips on working with clogs and making them look fashionable! [...]

How to Give the Perfect Gift!

Giving gifts is really an art! You just don’t hop into a store and hop out with an armful of gifts for all your loved ones! Gift giving takes time, effort and a little bit of patience – you need to make sure that your gift is special, valued and means something to the receiver! [...]

Cage your Feet in Caged Sandals!

If there is one spring/summer trend that has remained constant over the years, it is the evergreen gladiators! Since its dramatic discovery by the Romans, gladiators have definitely traveled a long way to become what it is today – a popular trend embraced by even top designers like Gianni Versace since the early 1990’s.  A [...]

Fall in Love with Maxis!

Maxi skirts have always been a summer favorite, thanks in lots to the comfort factor that come with them. The blazing sun, the desire to walk on the beach but terrified about getting sweaty; the best solution for you would be to opt for a maxi skirt. It’ s roomy, airy and offers a figure-flattering [...]

Cobalt Blue: The ‘It’ Color of 2015!

While seasons change and we are left to wonder about next big trends, one particular color simply refuses to fade away and appears to be an all-time favorite among celebrities, models and the like! Brilliant cobalt blue, as the name suggests, seems to be the “It” color of this year; this vibrant hue was spotted [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Loafers!

Women’s fashion is rife with a number of styles and trends; but by nature, we tend to side line a few styles while giving a more prominent place to the others! Take the Loafers for example. These shoes are comfortable, classy and have a unique style that can seldom be mimicked by others; but are [...]

Get Colored this Season!

Winter can be pretty boring, that is, if you allow it to be. And, it can get pretty tough forcing yourself to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We understand your dilemma! Which is why we bring you great news – An exclusive collection of outfits from Gap in the latest winter colors, that [...]

Remembering Oscar de la Renta

Fashion has never looked this great before. And now that the legendary icon of fashion, Oscar de la Renta is no more, feels the fashion platform has come to a screeching halt. It takes great people to make it big in fashion and Oscar was one of them. His works have been one-of-a-kind and rather [...]

The Halloween Tradition: How It Came To Be!

While Halloween means, superstition, trick or treating, pranksterism, costume show-off and forming huge gatherings, there is a little more to the festival of how it came to be. Here’s a little enlightenment from our part. Also called as the All Hallows’ eve, Halloween began as a part of the ancient Celtic culture dating approximately 2,000 [...]