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Tall and Beautiful!



Floral Maxi Dress

Though it’s a common idea that men love women with a petite or slender frame, there are quite a few women in Hollywood who’ve made a mark in fashion despite their tall and might we add beautiful, figures! There are a number of celebrities who are over 5’10” and continue to rock in spite of their tall frame. To name a few, Taylor Swift who stands fabulously tall at 5’11” rubs shoulders with model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Gisele Bundchen, and then we have Brooke Shields and Uma Thurman who are both 6 feet tall! And all of these ladies are as fashionable as they come! There cannot be a dull moment in their look books and if you take a moment to mull over their recent summer looks, you would agree that tall is beautiful!

Yes, you read that right! And, being tall does not mean less of fashion choices; if anything, ‘tall’ fashion is currently at its peak right now and a number of stars, who would be conventionally regarded as petite, are trying to get into the tall frame with a pair of towering high heels.

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