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The Art of Minimalism


Sailor Mini Skirt

Minimalism as a concept and as a way of life is not only an interesting but a fast-growing trend! While some tend to mistake minimalism as ‘living like a hermit’, it is simply an art of living with few but important possessions! Minimalism is nothing but downsizing, de-cluttering and eventually maximizing your life experiences. Let’s see what this minimalism is all about in terms of fashion!

How many times have you found yourself standing in front a brimming closet only to remark you’ve nothing to wear? Minimalism answers this dilemma by providing you a thoughtful and workable solution to your troubles: Why is it that when you have a closet full of clothes, you feel like there is nothing to wear? Probably because all the clothes in your wardrobe are not getting that ‘absolute love’ from you! May be you bought a great dress at an even greater deal but the size was just a bit small yet you bought it anyway since you’d promised yourself that you’d hit the gym more often but never quite found the time to, and now, that dress is just hanging there gathering dust. It’s not just the case of the dress, there are many such items in your wardrobe that are not getting enough face time due to one reason or the other; either they have sentimental value, are too old, too frumpy, do not fit and the like. Whatever the reason, as long they are not getting used, they add clutter to your wardrobe and fill it up without adding any meaning or contributing any purpose to your life. As you embrace minimalism and learn to let go of these items, you live with visibly less clutter which then makes way for items that are actually used by you to get further use. This then leads to a wardrobe full of clothes you love, wear and use more often. So, the next time you go on a shopping spree you pay attention to what you’re buying rather than the price tag leading to a more meaningful collection of clothes and better quality dressing.

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