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The Basics of Layering!


Plaid Split-neck Popover Tunic

The art layering has many facets, called layers, these are main ingredients, so to speak, that keep you warm in the cold weather. While most nail the outer layer part, when it comes to the base layers, you need to pay attention.

The inner layer has to be something that’s comfortable and breathable! That leaves you with cotton as the ideal choice but the thing with cotton is that it takes a long time to dry. So what are your options? Wool, cashmere or merino wool, polyester and silk are all good options to consider! While wool is super-comfy to wear in the cold weather, it absorbs little to no sweat and is unpredictable when it gets wet from too much moisture or snow fall! Synthetic alternatives like polyester and rayon are good; although they don’t absorb too much moisture, they dry off whatever moisture they absorb real quick. Another advantage of using these synthetic fibers is that they are super-thin and wouldn’t add bulk when you layer up for winter!

Silk is a natural fiber and is a clear winner in all three categories, they absorb moisture, dry up real quick and is super-thin when you layer-up. But it comes with one disadvantage, silk is mostly expensive!

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