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The Denim Vs Jeans Debate


1969 colored always skinny jeans

Denim and jeans are basically two inter-related words frequently used in the fashion world but they carry completely different meanings. There is a lot of confusion regarding the usage of these two words as common substitutes for one another with some people using the word ‘denims’ to represent jeans. But jeans and denim are, although related, completely different!

Jeans: Jeans refers to pants, trousers and even the shorts worn by men and women all over the globe. It has sort of a universal appeal and is considered extremely fashionable. Jeans are available in multiple shades and designs to suit the taste of modern users who love to have some choice when it comes to choosing the blue staple.

Denim: Denim is the fabric out of which jeans are constructed. Denim can also be used to make jeans, skirts, shirts and jackets. However referring to jeans as denim jeans, just as you would say a dress as a cotton dress, is redundant and carries no sense. Denim can be dyed in many colors and these days, denim is available in royal blue, burgundy, military green, bright red, orange, charcoal gray, white, brown and many more.

To end the debate, let’s just say that all jeans are denim but not all denim are jeans!

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