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The Joy of Linen!


Linen Shirt

Spring is here and it’s a time when you can get a bit choosy on what best to wear. Look no further than the natural fiber that fits the description of comfort plus style – linen. This fabric’s natural breeziness during the warm weather makes it a more preferred option when compared to cotton shirts.

Linen helps you stay fresh, which naturally translates into a much better attitude and as we all know, with great attitude comes great style. Linen has a nice, unique quality of getting better with age as they become relatively softer and more flexible with extended wear and proper care. This fabric is designed for casual outings as it provides a laidback feel to your outfit whether it be shorts, pants or suits.

This eco-friendly fabric resists bacteria much than other options and along with its non allergenic qualities, makes it ideal for the hot weather. A linen shirt finds its best expression in lighter colors like sky blue and white. Linen is the ideal blend of convenience and fashion as it showcases you as an individual of sensible sartorial taste and choice with this perfect fabric.

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