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The Perfect Blazer


Perfect Blazer

If you had to pick one item in your closet that can work with anything and everything else, it would have to be the perfect blazer, right? Now, talking of the perfect blazer, don’t let popular fashion gimmicks lead you into thinking that a perfect blazer would have to be always black, by default! We’d like to tell you why the perfect blazer can be any color like navy, gray, or even camel; the prime requirement for a blazer to qualify as ‘perfect’ is the fit and the comfort level you feel while donning it. Here are a few pointers to look out for while shopping for the perfect blazer

Check the length of the blazer; it shouldn’t be too long or too short! The ideal blazer should end just at your hips. Opt for classic cuts; they go well with regular work-wear and with sheath dresses! Pay attention to the shoulders, blazers should sit at your natural shoulders and should not form any creases or crumples. Also, while shopping for blazers, it’s best to go with one that has partial lining; while a full lining is great for winter, partial lining reduces the bulk of your blazer, thereby making it perfect for winter layering and, also as a standalone jacket for the summer when you need something lightweight!

This weekend, while the special guy in your life is busy watching the Super Bowl game on TV, you can spend the time shopping for the perfect blazer at Gap. Just log on to the site, browse through the mammoth collection of outerwear and pick the ones you like; for your convenience, we’ve picked out this pretty navy blazer that’s just apt for all events, both special and work-related, in your life. Once, you’re done shopping, just enter the Gap coupon code GAMEON at checkout and avail a whopping 40% discount on your purchase. But you got to hurry, coz this offer is valid only for the day, February 7, 2016. Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons!