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The Principles of Layering!


Soft Wool Coat

Did the title of this write-up get you thinking, ‘what on earth are the principles of layering?’ Well, there exists just about three!

Layering as they all say is, truly an art! It’s easy, smart and can save a lot of big bucks when you do it right! So, let’s just get right on to it and discuss the various principles in detail…

Base Layer! The base layer is the one that’s closest to your skin and acts as a canvas for you to build up your look further. Choose the base layer wisely! Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that can absorb sweat easily and dry easily; this will keep you warm and toasty on inside regardless of the temperature outside!

Mid Layer! The mid-layer of your ensemble counts mostly due the double role that it has to play: as outerwear, once you get inside your office or home and, as an inner layer, when you step outdoor! Light-weight sweaters, oversized shirts, denim shirt-jackets and the like are perfect options to serve as middle layers!

Outer Layer! And finally, moving on to the outer layer, you have tons of options! And, depending on your geography, whether you live up-north or down-south, you can choose between a light-weight marled knit long coat or a layered shearling coat (or a parka jacket)!

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