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The “Shorts” Perspective!


1969 Cord Surf Shorts

Some pieces of clothing can never be displaced from their style pedestal and remain so in spite of fashion adapting itself in the face of many changing trends.  You just can’t beat the casual vibe of a good pair of shorts as it cuts the cake when it comes to giving you that laidback look. The brilliant versatility of your shorts makes it a groovy complement to your shirts whether they are short or long-sleeved, t-shirts, polo shirts, sports jackets or even waistcoats. Here are a few reminders on what makes a good pair of shorts strike it right fashion wise-

  1. When opting for shorts, see that the length of your shorts extends anywhere between mid-thighs or to just below the knee.
  2. Don’t go for a low waist style. The saggy look does not interpret itself as something cool or with attitude.
  3. Say hello to colour with the option of introducing a tinge of boldness and freshness via dynamic shades like bright red or purple.
  4. Your basketball shorts are best meant for on –court usage   similar to your gym shorts being ideal for inside the gym.
  5. Patterns are a cool way of giving a refreshing twist to your entire look with vibrant shades and hues within stripes or other fun graphics working its magic all the time.

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