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The Thing about Denim Jackets!


Denim Jacket

You got to give it to the killer look that a denim jacket possesses! The biker dude aura enhanced by a denim jacket can be given a personal touch with the right choice of shirts and pants. When it comes to anything related to fashion, it is always cool and safe to set store by some ground rules-

  1. If you’ve got a denim jacket, make sure that no other part of your clothing ensemble is made of a similar denim fabric, especially denim jeans. Avoid trousers that might be a tad too flashy or dressy like black pinstriped slacks or soft suit pants.
  2.  A pair of dark gray or green chinos teams up pretty well with your denim jacket as it is all about an inherent ruggedness.
  3. When it comes to your shirt, it’s not about thinking of enhancing your denim jacket by wearing a simple undershirt. You would just come across as a man who did not apply much thought into his outfit or was rushed for time.
  4. Pair your denim jacket with a brightly colored dress shirt as in shades of pink, red and orange that create a high-contrast look with your denim blues. As it gets colder by the day, opt for a layered look by adding a sweater and think on the same color lines as in a shirt.
  5. Wearing your denim jacket gives you a fresh canvas for accessories as you can go for chunky cabled scarves or rough tweed hats. A brightly colored scarf or newsboy cap will help you pull off a classy look.

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