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Tie Like a Gentleman!


Diagonal Stripe Chambray Tie

Ok, now that you have got the perfect tie to go with your shirt and suit, what kind of knot are you planning to do? You can’t just wear the same knot for all types of occasions. There are special knots for different occasions and events. Here give you a few types that might be helpful for you.

Basically, tie knots can be categorized into formal and casual, based on the occasion. Knots like the half Windsor and full Windsor are ideal for formal occasions like work meetings, dinner parties and weddings. And, knots like four-in-hand and the Kelvin knot are perfect for casual events such as Christmas parties and other social activities.

The Half Windsor, as the name suggests, can be pulled off even with smaller ties and does not require much length. And, it works well with medium-width collars. But, if you’re looking for a knot that’s a little bigger, try the Full Windsor knot. It delivers a professional look that is simply unrivaled and it’s perfect for a shirt with wide spread collars.

The Four-in-hand knot is suitable for narrow-spread collar shirts and offers an elongated look. And finally, the Kelvin knot, which is just another version of the four-in-hand knot; you can try it with a striped buttoned-down shirt for a laid-back style.

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