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Tips for Power Dressing Part – I


V-neck Sweater Tunic

Looking for tips to go power dressing? Well, you’ve reached the right place. There are plenty of ways to do power dressing without resorting to old shoulder pad and matching suit techniques. Here are a few ideas we’ve compiled for you…

Throw on a Blazer: Adding a blazer is the smartest and simplest way of adding attitude and chic-factor to an outfit. Whether it’s a simple dress, a pair of pants with a button-down or a pencil skirt and top combo; the ideal solution to add glitz and glamour to the outfit is to throw on a blazer and leave it at that.

Find a good Tailor: They say that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Similarly, no one becomes a great fashionista overnight without a good tailor to back you up. Did you know some of the popular actresses get their tee shirts custom-made? Yes, you heard that right, tee shirts! So, find a good tailor in your neighborhood and get ill-fitting clothes and suits altered to perfection.

Find your color palette: Different people have the ability to pull-off colors differently! Some will be good at working well with basic colors like red, blue and green and while others may pull-off seasonal colors like tangerine and burgundy, or more so, some may be experts in pulling-off tough ones like neons and pastels. Find your color palette and stick to it. Mix and match with colors within your color palette and if you must try other colors, keep all other pieces neutral and change the color of just one item of your clothing to nail the cross-over look.

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