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Tips to Spring Clean your wardrobe


Printed V-neck fit & flare dress

Bored with your existing wardrobe and tired of wearing the same pieces over and over again? Why not spring clean your wardrobe? When you browse through your closet you’re sure to find all those pieces that were either given to you as gift, things that you bought because they were on sale or stuff you simply couldn’t resist buying but never wear (and probably, never will). Well, time to clean them out!

The basics to spring cleaning are a couple of leisurely hours during the weekend when you don’t have deadlines or busy schedules and a glass of red wine and these 3 easy steps!

What to toss:

Remember that old skirt with crazy prints that make your head spin, gifted to you by that distant aunt and to whom you had to write a very lengthy thank you mail. Time to toss it! Yes, that goes out, along with all the out of seasonal pieces such as neon pants and skirts, old sweaters that are torn and you never have the time to repair!

What to keep:

Keep all the classics! Lace dresses, short dresses in solid colors, dress pants, silk pieces, leather outfits always remain in fashion. Your little black dress and your little white dress will never go out of fashion, so keep them too!

What to Buy:

Now that you’ve tossed many items you need to invest in a few pieces that will always remain in fashion. For example, metallics! No matter how seasons change, metallic outfits, glitter shoes and purses always make a comeback. Also, sheer paneled dresses and skirts are huge this season, so you can invest a little more in those pieces.

Once you’re done with your spring cleaning session, you need to take stock of the things you need; once you’ve made a list, head over to Gap and shop for everything on your list. Now that you can save a big 40% on your purchase, you have all the more reason to shop. Once you’re done with shopping, simply enter the Gap coupon code SAVE at checkout and claim this offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only today, June 18, 2015!