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Up your Ante with Jeans and a Casual Shirt!


Lived-in Original Plaid Shirt

Jeans and casual shirt is a classic laid-back combo! We get it! But did you know you can tweak the outfit a bit and get that utterly professional jet-setting CEO look? Yup, it’s possible, you just need to do a couple of upgrades so that you look more professionally put together and not like a guy who is heading to a country concert in boots!

And, the best part of this look it does not stray anywhere from your usual style or make you spend extra bucks just for that subtle hint of sophistication! So, without much ado, let’s proceed to the look!

Denim is always stylish regardless of the way you wear them, but you need to pick a fit that suits your frame. There are plenty of guides out there for men outlining everything you need to do to get them right; follow those tips and pick a pair in a rich shade of blue! Yes, we’re asking you to go darker (but not too dark)! Once, you’re done with jeans, move on to a shirt, any plaid button-down will do, but ensue that it’s fresh and nice and is not faded! To this combo simply add a jacket in tan; the earthy color works brilliantly in bringing out the dark color of denim and will give you that seamless professional finish. A pair of tan boots that match should complete this dapper-as-hell look!

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