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Wardrobe Update: Going from 20s to 30s!


Jacquard Pullover Sweater

As you move on from one phase of your life to the next, everything changes. The things you like to have around at home, the places you’d like to visit, your likes and dislikes, and for that matter, even your choice of clothing! What happens is, as you grow older, you gain experience and you mature in many ways and those experiences tend to mold you into shape! When you hit the transitional phase – moving on from 20s to your 30s – your opinions and preference when it comes to what is trendy and fashionable also undergoes a massive change.

Once you get to your 30s, you might no longer like what you used to love in your 20s! Those faded old jeans that you used to wear with a plain white tank top might no longer seem fashionable or attractive anymore! Not only your jeans and the tee shirt, but this dilemma extends to a lot of other clothes too that no longer match your current personal style, taste or preference. One thing to do at this time is be patient and understand that it actually takes a lot of time to zero-in on a new personal style; so, before you start a massive wardrobe overhaul and get rid of everything in your closet, take a break to explore your style. Now might be a good time to explore new silhouettes, styles, prints, cuts and patterns! All those styles that you never even tried but shunned away from earlier, now might be a good time to try them out!

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