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What are Workhorses?


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If you’ve read a write-up or talked to any fashionista about wardrobe classics and must-have pieces for every season, you’d come across the term ‘workhorses’. It’s quite a popular term, with a definition as widely spread as the term fashion itself; workhorses are, by fault, clothes or pieces that get maximum mileage. These are the foundation pieces with which you can create a number of advanced looks and outfits that are staggeringly beautiful. These are the building blocks to a great wardrobe; workhorses are the secrets to creating many interesting looks.

So, what are workhorses? Depending on your lifestyle, whether corporate or casual, workhorses can be anything from a wardrobe full of plaid shirts and denims, to a wardrobe filled with posh dresses and work suits!

While there is no definitive or pre-set rule when it comes to what are workhorses, you can safely say that some timeless classic pieces like the good old white shirt, skinny jeans, flared tailored denim trousers, plaid shirt, basic white tee, neutral suit, a black and a white blazer, denim jacket, leather moto jacket and a few shoes like cognac leather boots, nude pumps, black work shoes, tan sandals and red pumps fall under the category.

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