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What to Wear in your 30s!


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When you’re a new intern just building your career in the world, it’s great to wear your college clothes – may be even mix things up a bit and create off-beat styles! But once you get to your 30s, it’s essential to build a working wardrobe that spells class and substance. You absolutely need to upgrade your style if you want to be taken seriously!

Entering your 30’s mark a special milestone both in your career and in your personal life! If you though you’re done with all those late night parties and events, wait a bit before setting into a night-time routine, ‘cos your schedule is about to be bombarded with invitations to weddings, black-tie parties, baby showers, engagement parties and more. And, if you though your office life was going to be dull and boring behind that desk of yours, you are in for a big surprise; meeting with clients, customers and those never-ending team meetings just got on full-fledged. And, for all these events, you need clothes that spell your age yet give you the confidence to stand out amidst the crowd! You’re going to need dressy suits, tailored pants, formal dresses, sexy but decent-looking blouses and more.

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