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What to Wear on Earth Day


Three-quarter Sleeve Dress

This is the 46th year that April 22 is being celebrated as Earth day in the United States. Focusing on many existing and emerging environmental challenges, this special day is observed as an effort to channel our conscience and our energy towards pressing environmental issues.

Earth day is all about going green in the most eco-friendly manner possible. So, while you’re busy keeping track of your carbon footprint, wear something fun in green if you’re planning to take part in earth day parades or events. Like a nice and fitting eyelet or lace-accented dress in green that could channel the right energy and vibe!

Green is not your color? No problem! You can always wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen this season that are most likely to decompose quickly and leave less impact on the environment as compared to its synthetic counterparts. Also, natural fabrics lean heavily on comfort factor making them highly practical and comfortable for the season ahead.

You don’t have to wear large earth costume or get dressed in green to support a good cause. Just shop with a conscience! Every time you reach out for a new pair of jeans or denim shorts, make sure they’re manufactured using eco-friendly processes and methods.

These are just a few simple ways to show your love for mother earth. Now, if you’re looking to shop your summer closet, do so without putting a damper on your purse using Gap online coupons. Use the Gap coupon code FRIFUN at checkout and get 40% off 5 or more items, a 30% off 3 or more items and a 20% off one or more items. Hurry, this offer is valid only for the day, April 22, 2016.