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What to Wear to a Casual Date!


Indigo Belted Shirtdress

Dressing for success is one thing, but dressing for a casual date is a completely new ball game. Not that it’s complicated or anything, but the very idea of casual dressing, that is supposed to take the pressure off of you, inadvertently ends up putting pressure on you! When it all boils down to basics, formal dress code has some prerequisites, a few rules that we follow; but when those rules are scrapped off the list, we tend to find ourselves mystified.

Although the casual date dress code may appear vague, it’s very simple to understand and master. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. It would really be uncomfortable if you have to keep adjusting the neckline or hemline of your dress constantly while at work and not to mention, utterly distracting. When you feel uncomfortable in your clothing, that feeling will be easily communicated to your date and will soon become mutual. Avoid that all costs and wear only what makes you feel comfortable. If a pair of rugged jeans and a well-worn soft tee shirt is what makes you feel comfy, then by all means, go for it. But if you feel comfortable only in a fitting sheath, don’t worry about the casual quotient of your date. Go with your sheath, but throw on a pair of lovely booties or add a cowgirl hat and easily weave that casual factor into your outfit.

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