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What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans


Vintage Wash V-neck Tee

Okay! If you’re looking for a breakdown of spring styles for the year 2016, here it is: it’s all about boyfriend jeans! The trend has pretty much ruled the roost for more than a decade now, and we’re back to embracing the trend for the new season too! Basically, boyfriend jeans are perfect for spring and summer; they are super-comfy and easy to wear (you don’t have to do a weird wiggle dance as you do for skinny jeans), they are basically destroyed jeans, loose-fitting and sit low on the waist! All the characteristics that would perfectly describe the perfect spring summer catch! Read on to find out what you can wear with this spring staple…

There are basically three different styles for boyfriend jeans, and regardless of how you’re used to styling them, these broad categories are what best suits this spring staple.

First, is the rockstar look! Sure, you’re not going to reach for skinny jeans just because we mentioned ‘rockstar’; it’s simply that the look is very posh and put-together that we couldn’t help name it such! Boyfriend jeans + casual but fitting plain tee shirt + a structured statement blazer with a classy bag and pumps – this is what the rockstar look is all about. You can switch out the tee for some more subtle and casual but the entire look will be defined by the statement jacket, handbag and pumps that would contribute to the celebrity-esque look!

The next is the shabby chic look that basically looks like you’ve grabbed the first shirt you could find in your closet and slipped it on with boyfriend jeans! The hair for this look is tousled or just-got-out-of-bed, and of course the tee shirt is carelessly chosen and obviously mismatched; but the rest of the look is completed with casual shoes, either flats or ballet shoes! As you’ve already streaked the casual quotient of this look with a laid-back tee and casual hair style, sneakers will only prove to be a distraction; so wear flip-flops instead!

The next look is somewhere in-between the above two! You take some elements of the rockstar look and the shabby chic look, and combine them together for this style! Take the classy handbag and pumps from the former and retain the casually chosen tee shirt; instead of tousled hair, go with a careless high bun at the top of your head!

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