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White Spring!


Lightweight modern Oxford shirt

The color white has always been associated with the emotion of purity. It’s a symbol of a fresh beginning, of a brand new venture devoid of clutter and signifying innocence. There is no better color than white to epitomize the start of a new year with the advent of spring in all its blooming glory.

In every man’s wardrobe, a special place is reserved for the classic white shirt which is an iconic representation of simple, elegant wear, one that hardly ever goes wrong. In simple words, it is a must-have for the wide variety of options it offers. The sheer versatility of this popular garment is best illustrated by the options it gives you, either formal or casual –

  1. It never gets more basic than the white shirt-denim look which is still a timeless killer style.
  2. Think of black suit, think of crisp white shirt. The pin up image of the sophisticated and suave gentleman.
  3. Pairing it with a shiny black leather jacket and black trousers allows you to imbibe that ultimate biker persona and is again a classic piece of fashion that never grows old.
  4. Khakis and white shirts do make a nice, casual combo in the form of slightly tapered khaki pants and sports jacket along with your white shirt.

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