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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Tee Shirt!


Metallic Stripe Crew Tee

Well, who doesn’t love a good tee shirt? They’ve been around since time immemorial, well, actually they’ve been around only since the last century or so and certainly not in the form that we know of today. But that’s beside the point, for tee shirts have this magical property to transcend time and they have many redeemable qualities that make them our favorite (if not the most favorite) pieces to adorn our wardrobes.

Tee shirts are so popular mainly due to the comfort factor that they offer. Tee shirts are usually made from soft cotton fabric that’s thick enough to provide coverage but soft enough to feel nice against your skin (they provide much needed respite from harsh fabrics like wool and tweed) and is breathable – a great quality to be supremely thankful for in the summer.

Another reason why tee shirts are so popular is probably because they offer a whole universe of styling options. A simple and pretty tee shirt is all that you need to create and re-create a number of outfit combinations.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creative styling potential with incredible tee shirts from Gap and style them any way you like!

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