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Who Made Sweatpants Sexy?


Marled Sweats

Really, who made sweatpants sexy? A few years ago, if you asked the ladies of Hollywood, if they would wear sweatpants while out in the streets, they would have probably shrugged them off as a clumsy piece of loungewear not worthy of the streets. Technically speaking, sweatpants are meant to stay at home and are never to get past your front door; unless you’re going out to the gym, but that’s beside the point! Who made sweatpants sexy? The last time we checked, they were loungewear, but now they’re hot commodity? While we were busy with other trends, it seems like sweatpants stealthily sneaked up behind our backs and exploded on the ramp, streets and pretty much everywhere else.

We have to admit, for most of you, the idea of wearing sweats outside of your home might be a lot to take in! But, they’re here now, so we might as well try them out.

So, how do you style your sweatpants? Do you wear them with shirts, tops or tunics? What kind of shoes do you wear with sweatpants? Heels, flats or booties? Looks like a tough choice, but the fact is styling sweatpants is very easy. Just style them the same way you style a pair of leggings and wear them with tunic tops, flats and statement earrings. Or, you can style sweats like pants and go with a white shirt, statement belt and black booties.

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