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Winter Do’s and Don’ts


Quilted Sleeve Bomber Jacket

It’s winter in a couple of days and a lot to take in terms of change in fashion. But, with the right push, your task is as easy as sorting your wardrobe with just a glance. Here’s to the do’s and don’ts on winter fashion and to be the style epitome this season!


Time for those pair of tights

Going out on a chilly day can be a nightmare and with that said, losing those pair of tights are gonna make your condition all the more worse. So, play around with tights from sheer and lace to patterned and colored ones and make the most of your winter dressing.

Let the trend go strong – Houndstooth, why stop now?

A sudden hit, the houndstooth trend can be a style to be reckoned with this season, provided you don’t overdo it. Keep the pattern as part of a single piece in your attire and see the world recognize your genius!  

Puffy coats in dark shades

Wearing a puffy coat in dark shade helps keep you from looking all puffed up as opposed to the lighter ones that make for a widened look.


Don’t overplay with colors

Bright colors are great for winter but make sure you don’t end up with clashing colors as they tend to create a too-much-going-on effect. Keep it simple with your look and stay away from using more than two colors.

Keep away from bland shades

As much as overuse of colors can spoil the look, so does the same happen with using none. There’s a chance that bland shades go unrecognized in winter’s snowy white!

Don’t think turtlenecks won’t hit the mark

Use of turtlenecks can be a little tricky, but with winter, the style becomes just another essential for the season. Just rock it with all the attitude and you are good to go!

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