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In Pursuit of the Perfect Summer Jacket



Short Trench

Outerwear options for winter are aplenty; you can practically put together anything in your closet and still have a winning combination in your hands. But when it comes to picking a jacket for spring/summer, where the styles, silhouettes, textures, colors and patterns are a bit more relaxed, narrowing down your options down to one perfect piece is a Herculean task. If you’re not a minimalist and love having more than a few outerwear options in your closet, then you may not have much of a problem; but just in case you do follow the French girl-style minimal wardrobe, and are forced by a window of choice to stick to just one additional outerwear for the new season, we have just the one for you – the Gap Short Trench in oak (color) with long raglan sleeves, double-breasted button front and welt pockets. Now, why is this one the perfect option for you? Read on to find out why…

Camel and its lighter counterparts like Oak are the perfect spring and summer colors! They work with bright summer colors like orange, red, green, burgundy and equally well with pastel shades like peach, soft purple, pink and powder blue. But perhaps the best thing about the color is that it works just great with solid colors like black, blue, charcoal, gray, navy and brown – typical work-wear options. Plus, this soft cousin of camel synchronizes well with all possible prints and textures. Now, wouldn’t you agree this short trench is the perfect outerwear for the new season?

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