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The Business Casual Dress-code for Men!


Mixed Media Oxford Shirt

Business casual can mean a lot of things for a lot of people; but generally speaking, the easiest way to get your business casual outfit right is to stick to this one simple rule: No Jeans, No Suit. It means that while you have the complete freedom to wear something that’s not tailor-made, like a 3-piece suit, it also states that you cannot wear something casual, like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The term business casual simply means you can wear clothes that are fashionable but do not send your colleagues on a treasure hunt for the fashion police.

Business casual, is not be taken lightly just ‘cos you spotted the term ‘casual’ in it. There is a clear line of difference between wearing a pair of jeans and tee shirt and a 3-piece suit; and that is the area where business casual comes into play. It’s not fashion; it’s an art! Business casual days are the only time where you get a chance to show off your style and stand out from the rest. And, to get this style right, here are a few tips…

  • Don’t just stick to basic rules, be creative and try out a variety styles to find out what suits you best.
  • Take your time shopping for casual shirts and pants and don’t worry about shelling a little bit more to get the right outfit for you.
  • Stick to the season. Keep yourselves updated with the latest styles and trends and try them out at least once before the season winds down.

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